About Us

Sentry H2O is a family-owned and operated small business in Tempe, Arizona committed to making waves in the water filtration industry by providing families and businesses with the most effective, yet affordable water treatment systems that work for all types of water.

When our family moved to Arizona, there were two main options for getting clean water: bottled (which is expensive and wasteful) or Reverse Osmosis (which is bulky and strips water of essential nutrients). We quickly realized that to get affordable, toxin-free, mineral-enriched water for our family, we were going to have to design a water treatment system ourselves. So we did—and it’s so effective, we have to share it!

By combining the best German water technology with innovative American engineering, Sentry H2O proudly provides families and businesses across America with one-of-a-kind water treatment systems that both remove harmful toxins and enrich water with essential nutrients so that everyone can have easy, affordable access to healthy water.