The Ultimate Guide to Whole House Water Filters: Benefits and Costs

Tired of dry skin, dull hair, and the constant struggle with hard water stains? How about enjoying every sip, shower, and splash without worrying about harmful contaminants?

The whole house water filters might just be the thing your home needs! These are amazing systems that purify all the water entering your home.

However, committing to complete home filtration might seem a bit daunting as it can be a big upfront cost. 

This is why we're exploring whole-house water filters today. 

So, let's get ready for crystal-clear water that tastes as good as it looks! 

What is a Whole House Water Filter?

A whole-house water filter is a water treatment system that cleans all the water coming into your home. 

Unlike point-of-use filters that only work for specific faucets, a whole house system ensures every drop of water you use is free from impurities.

But always check what type of contaminants the home water filtration system is built for and compare it to your needs. 

For example, are you struggling with hard water, or is the water in your area highly polluted?

How Does Home Water Purification Systems Work?

It depends on the home water purification system, as some work better than others, and they aren't all created for the same purpose. 

These systems are connected to your home's main water supply, which flows through one or more filters.

If you take the Sentry Whole House Wellness System, for example, it works by using a multi-stage process. 

During the first stage, a catalytic carbon blend removes chlorine, chloramines, ammonia, fluoride, arsenic, and many VOCs (volatile organic compounds). 

In the second stage, a scale control CT resin prevents soft and hard scales and fluoride while softening the water without using salt.

What are the Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter?

There are many benefits of having a whole-house water filter, such as:

  • Comprehensive Filtration: Whole house water filters ensure every drop is pure, from your shower to the kitchen sink.
  • Improved Drinking Water: These systems sometimes include an under-sink water filter, adding essential minerals to drinking water, making it taste better.
  • Healthy Skin and Hair: With pure water, you can have softer skin and stronger hair, making your shower more refreshing.
  • Appliance Lifespan Extension: By preventing scale build-up and corrosion, you can save money on appliance maintenance and replacements in the long run.

What Does a Complete Home Filtration Cost?

Unfortunately, this is again a question without a straight answer. 

The costs of a whole-house water filter system depend on factors like your home's size and the specific system you choose. 

You'll need a bigger system if you have a bigger house with a heavy water demand. The types of filters used and accessories accompanying the system also impact the price. 

So, before you decide on a home water purification system, research the available options and note your specific needs. 

However, this is not where the water filer costs end. You must also consider what would the installation and maintenance fees be. 

If you are confident in your plumbing skills, you can save on the installation fees by doing this yourself. If not, rather hire an experienced plumber. 

As these systems use filters to clean your water, you'll also have to clean and replace them at some point to ensure your water quality remains top-of-the-range. So, remember to investigate the maintenance needs of the systems on your systems. 

Lastly, it's true that the initial price of a whole-house water filter system can be high. Yet, when you compare it with smaller systems (which only work for a specific faucet) or alternative ways to ensure safe drinking water, like buying bottled water, it works out more affordable in the long run.

Where to Find the Best Whole House Water Filter System?

Finally, we have an easy answer! The Sentry Whole House Wellness System is the solution you've been searching for. 

With our expertly designed water treatment marvel, every faucet in your home will run with clean, healthy, and delicious water. So, say goodbye to harmful toxins and hello to revitalizing showers, longer-lasting appliances, and delightful drinking water.

The Sentry Whole House Wellness System offers two versions, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique home. 

Whether you have a standard-sized home or a larger one, Sentry H2O has the ideal system. 

And if you're concerned about maintenance, rest assured. This system is engineered for ease, making installation a breeze for plumbers and requiring minimal upkeep. In fact, replacement tanks are needed only every 5–7 years.

But the Sentry Whole House Wellness System offer gets even better. When you order this system, you'll also receive our legendary under-sink Sentry Wellness System! This nifty water treatment device will add needed minerals to your drinking water and balance the pH to the optimal drinking level. 

So, are you ready to improve your home's water quality and experience the benefits firsthand? 

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With this powerful system, your home's water will be free of harmful contaminants, and your family can enjoy cleaner, great-tasting water every day.

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